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Leonard Nimoy's Photography FULL BODY PROJECT

Once Upon A Time...there was a 13 year-old boy who wanted desperately to be a professional photographer, and artist in yearning. Young Leonard used to develop his precious photos in the bathroom of the family home in Boston, on the west side. Later on he studied with at the University of California, in the early 1970s, with the legendary Robert Heinecken.

Leonard Nimoy as a teenager

Born in 1931, in the 1950s by his early twenties he was teaching acting in Hollywood and taking small roles when he could, but still dreamed of photography. In 1964, he made the television pilot for Star Trek called The Cage, but it was rejected. Soonafter Star Trek was in production until 1969.

Spock, the Vulcan

In the early 70s he had considered quitting acting and becoming a photographer full time, but the pull of Hollywood was strong, working on Mission Impossible television series. Yet he would eventually write book "I Am Not Spock" (1975) ironically he was constantly trying to distance himself from Star Trek and the famous Spock charcater he had personified and embodied, but the more he tried to be taken seriously as an artist, as a creative photographer, more than a photojournalist, he was like Jeckyll and Hyde, and Spock became his embarrassing Mr. Hyde. In his second autobiography entitle "I Am Spock" (1995) proves my point.

Also known for his hosting of the televison show In Search Of...Myths & Monster (1977 to 1982), which explored mankinds fascination with discovering the factual links to legends, myths and the paranormal, controversy, and top-secret.

Nimoy published an earler photography book called Shekhina in 2005

Touched on in my blog about Adoration of the Ample Goddess, in the Contemporary era I mentioned the photography of Leonard Nimoy, his "Full Body Project" publication celebrates very curvy, plus size women. It represents the comfort level, the yearning to be totally accepting and free to show off your ample curves.

His bookThe Full Body Project was published in 2007:

Nimoy, may be best known for his iconic role as Spock on the campy original Star Trek television

series, but few people know he was a life long photographer, not just an actor.

If I meet God, I hope she's female. I'm touched by the power of women. I'm married to a feminist. And I'm troubled by the fact that women in our culture are congratulated most for losing weight.”

― Leonard Nimoy, The Full Body Project

Numerous exhibits or his photogrphy were carried out. In a show at the Mass MoCA, Leonard Nemoy is celebrated for his unbiased and all-welcoming exhibit in 2010 called "Secret Selves" his first solo exhibit comprised of 26 photographs, 11 life-sized photographs of people dressed as they wish to be seen, the lighter side. The museum catalogue contains 62 more photographs and a documentary about the making of. Regarding the exhibit Secret Selves, he adds: “This equivocation between’s the subject’s plastic, almost sculptural presence, and its literal groundedness, makes for compelling work, all the more so since these are our neighbors caught there.” Or, as one of the participants put it, the whole “Secret Selves” experience was “kind of like being at an awkward costume party.”

Leonard Nimoy was more than just an actor and photographer, he was also a singer, songwriter, author, director and died in 2015

"I'm touched by the idea that when we do things that are useful and helpful -- collecting these shards of spirituality -- that we may be helping to bring about a healing."

— Leonard Nimoy

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