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My Poetry

The ARTWORK in My Poetry section is by Odilon Redon French symbolist artist (1840 -1916):

Flower of Blood, 1895

Nasturtiums, 1912

The Raven, 1882

Spring, 1883

Evocation of Butterflies, 1912

Sunset, date unknown

A Rose in Bloom


The upturned rose stands

From root to stem of tender green.

Delicate, velvet petals of red,

Tiny, sharp thorns guard, unseen.


With tender buds, it waits,

Rain turns firm ground to shuddering mire,

Down it sinks into cold earth,

Mother Nature, all along, does conspire.

The Messenger


Pleased to meet you, I know your face,

Perhaps another time, another place.

Look to the mirror and close your eyes,

The walls turn liquid, ‘tis no surprise.

Cosmos and space before you now,

We have met on this path, a message for me?

It’s preternatural, for I’ve a message for thee!

Look to Venus, the Moon and stars,

Raise a handful of earth to Mars;

Feel the power, see the glowing sparks

Beneath your feet, at unseen marks.

Take in the message, fear it not,

Write it down, so it’s not forgotten.

Now that it has come and gone so soon

Upon the morrow, you shall understand

The timeless Piper’s riddle-tune;

Give love to receive love,

For no one is ever immune.



From A Bird's Eye View...


Human actions seem so small down there,

Distance makes the tarnished as new.

Yet, how can we be so blind, among

All the carnage we have made


Out of sight and into thin air,

Our ignorance may all things renew

But, so our soul's cage ever undone

And all our cherished ones haven't stayed


From A Bird's Eye View things are one,

Between Earth and Sky flow dreams

Of all those who began from below

The clouds never stop rolling


The silver-laden clouds roll and swell, 

They ebb and crest like eternal waves

On sunlit shores we plant our feet.




Searching for a trace of love,

When sadness overtakes, I must rise above

The unending uphill climb where pebbles

Thrown my running feet off the pathway.


Half a woman in other's eyes

When no man accompanies me, or seen, beside.

Yet, my flesh yearns for one tender touch

Just one caress could mean so much.


My soul rattles within its cell,

Starved, unfulfilled and wasting away.

Unrequited and incomplete, it tells me:

“Let down the guard at your fortress gate!”


And taste sweet love before it's too late.

One hemisphere in Yin awaits its compliment in Yang,

The key of serenity, calm and peace, within its mate.

In my mind I understand what I must do with my own hands.


Anam Ćara


Never have I been To Ireland -

Never have I inhaled the perfumed fields of Heather, 

Nor have I kissed the Blarney Stone,

If I ever meet you how shall my heart fare?

Yet, my heart yearns to match my mind’s eye with reality - 


Never have I met true love, nor stared him in the face,

Never have I seen a trace of him in the country I walk now,

But if I ever see him I shall surely quicken my pace.

When Love’s sweet reward awaiting that elusive kiss.

Yet, he shall someday find me by the scars upon my soul.


Eternally will I wait for you, my patience without end.

Grasping on to one moment of happiness, with you my anam cara.



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