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SEANCE is a short horror film by the Czech filmmaker Robin Kasparik, made in 2009. 


Synopsis - The servants of a recently deceased broke heiress, hire a medium to find the only valuable item she had to pay the debts she owed them...but they get more than they bargain for.


It has been screened all over North America and has been loved by peers and audiences alike. Robin Kasparik's short was featured at:

-FanExpo in Toronto

-Screamfest LA

-Rue Morgue Festival of Fear

-NYC Horror Film Festival 


AWARDS: Seance won Best Short Film at the Dark Carnival Film Festival and the South African Horrorfest


Robin is currenly showing his latest project I AM THE DOORWAY, adapted from Stephen King's short story, of the same name. 



RIFT is a short dramatic film by the Canadian filmmaker Keith Hodder, made in 2012. 


Synopsis - A family man struggling to cope with his hidden urges has his devotion challenged by the unexpected arrival of his secret lover.


It has been screened all over North America and has been well received, winning 10 AWARDS, including

-United Film Festival, in Lose Angeles in 2013

-Official Selection of the Sene Film Festival, Providence

-Winner of Best LGBT Short Film, Vegas Indie Film Fest, Las Vegas


Keith is the founder of River Rogue Films. 



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