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The Blessed, Beguiling, Bewitching Bygones of Olde...


Like the portrait of the "Unknown Woman painted by Artist Unknown", I am a Woman of No Importance...but I have created this castle in the sky. This is a place where I have woven a tapestry of my favorite things for you to enjoy.

Question: Why would anyone want to read this weblog? What on Earth can I get out of a literature and arts page?


We are her to comingling, tingling, shivering shudders, and to share a few delightful chills, as well!!! The pleasant tingles, awe, wonder, pause, pathos, or moment of pure inspiration, or even fright derived from seeing the things that you and I enjoy, all in the same place, here at FRISSON.

What are those things? Castles, Ruins, Art, Literature, Film, Photography, Music, and Reliquary of Oddities, Artifacts, Metaphysics, Mindfulness, Spirituality, and other incredible or Macabre Morsels.

This page is for anyone who enjoys lingering in their own, or someone else's imagination, as a refuge to re-energize yourself throughout the day. Let this place be your sanctuary, along with Quasimodo, let this be your belltower, your garden of earthy delight, your labyrinth, your castle keep, your ivory tower, and your dark dungeon.

We celebrate the crumbling ruins, the ancestral ritual, the sacred ways, and nature's beauty. We celebrate the Artist who is becoming, the artist who was long ago, and those living now. Those mental artifact called novels, poems, diaries, travelogues, or biography, physical artifacts called paintings, sculptures, photos, ceramic art or other creation of beauty.

For me the site itself, FRISSON, is an exercise in personal terror...terror of being flawed, foolish, failing, a little full of folley, or fecund. But, I did it anyway and I hope to get better as I go along on this journey with you all. My lesson is to let go and stop resisting against the plan that Life has for me, even if it is not the one I thought I wanted, but in fact need. I must learn to let go of the illusion of trying to be perfect, because that I can never be. I must learn to accept that this may be imperfect, flawed, but there will be glimmers of something good within it.

I promise to bring you regular focused blogs that I hope you will enjoy!!! They will be written from the heart and I hope you connect with them. But most importantly, I hope this can be fun...shivers and giggles go great together!!!

So, welcome to me. This is an expression of my thoughts, feelings, fears, doublts, and emotions. Relax, let your hair down, like Rapunzel and stay a while. I hope this will be a place you like to visit, so let us hear the tale from the storytellers, the shamans, the jesters and the charlatans. Fun for all.

FRISSON = is " a pleasant tingly feeling" something external from the body that thrills you, it evokes a response in the body such as shivers, goosebumps, shivers up your spine, chills, shudder, awe, not from temperature but, the dictionary term descipbes it as shivers "from being deeply affected by something, like music, or memory recollection."

Things To Come:

  • Artist's Cynosure: spotlight on local and Canadian artist, photographers, cereamic artists

  • Art from the Baroque, Romantic Era, Victorian Fairy Painting, Pre-Raphaelite, Fin du Siecle, Surreal,

  • Film from Silent, Surreal, Expressionist, Experimental, Spaghetti Westerns, Giallo, Horror, Supernatural Thriller, Transcendantal, Epic/Period Piece, Gothic Romance, to Czech New Wave. There will be full reviews, Director spotlight, and also some fun TOP 13 LISTS

  • Sacred & Spiritual Rituals for Everyone in celebration of the Ancients, from seasonal Festivals that mark the solstices, to Feasts just for the pleasure of a party

  • Healing and Comforting recipes and make yourself herbal baths, teas, and spa style

  • Reliquary: Collectibles gallery of Antiquarian books, Artifacts, Oddities, Horror Pulp, Memento Mori, Mortiary Photography, Poison RIngs, Poison Bottles, and more...

  • Mindfulness: Mantras, Mandalas, and Meditative poems, and quotes to help you get through your day that have inspired me, from Romantics or Graveyard School to Louise Hay affirmations, to a little Buddhism.

By Carmen Zavislake

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