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Let Us Find the Spark of Life...Together

As a child, my imagination was my playground, my graveyard, my castle, my ivory tower and I was the ruler of that kingdom. My imagination was my refuge, my hiding place, and my sacred grove. A place to seek shade, my magical realm, my comfort and joy, my lightning and thunderstorm - and it still is today!

I know one thing...we all need a little gentle shove during the day when the wind is knocked out of our sails for one reason or another. We need a little inspiration, a litle bit of magic, to discover a little gem that you didn't know of before, or to recapture some sort of balance. For me, that can be turning on my favorite music, looking at inspiring piece of sculpture or art, photograph, or peering into an old curio cabinet at some oddity, reading a penny dreadful, looking at a memnto mori, or watching a film.

Whatever it is that makes you inspired for a moment, I hope you can find it here at FRISSON, I will try to share things that spark you onward, like if Doctor Victor Frankenstein gave you a jolt of feel truly alive, fully present, mindful, inspired, and connected to all of humanity and embraced by this cosmic experience of a spirit within the flesh.

Once upon a time, I was just existing, barely being, sleepwalking, or zombified as I went through life...but I have learned better ways to be. This is my shining castle in the darkness where I shall share things I have learned, exhume widsom of the ancients, their rituals and traditions that can comfort and ground you.

Let us seek, discover, and ultimately find the light.

Let us take hold of the dragon's tale without getting burned

Because we do it together.


Carmen Zavislake

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